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About Us

Our Company

BY Architecture Engineering Consulting Ltd. which is a new formation.  He emphasized his services, which have been going on since the 2000s, in this formation. The purpose of BY Architecture is to provide better services for the future as it was in the past and now. In cooperation with its highly equipped staff, it continues as it was before.

Our Vision

It all started with a group of people dreaming of starting a brand new job. As BY MİMARLIK, which we have established together, our aim is to find state-of-the-art solutions and provide excellent service. Our products and services are designed to satisfy our customers anytime and anywhere. Customer satisfaction is our first priority commitment.

Our Mission

It is an innovative, reliable and corporate service company that creates difference and value for its customers, suppliers, employees, business partners and society.

Our Values

BY MİMARLIK, which opened its doors in 2000, has been offering great products and services throughout Istinye since then. The feature that sets us apart from our competitors is our magnificent team of experts, as well as being able to adapt everything we offer to the needs of our customers.

Our Critical Success Factors

  • Brand strength and Relations with Suppliers

  • Customer happiness

  • Image and Reliability

  • Technological infrastructure

  • Competitiveness & Fast reaction

  • HR applications

  • Corporate structure

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